Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Such a Fine and Natural Sight

Published:  October 2nd, 2012
Tilly's Moonlight Garden
By: Julia Green
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
ISBN-13: 9781402277306

Tilly just moved into a drafty old mansion, away from all her friends. She spends her afternoons wandering around her new backyard in order to escape the cold, dusty rooms of the house. But one night, Tilly follows a fox she has seen from her bedroom window and he leads her deep into a hidden garden that is nothing short of mesmerizing in the moonlight. This mysterious garden and the special friend she meets there help her rediscover the magic in her own life.

This is the story of an unforgettable time in one girl's life and how a new home, a secret garden, and a little fox can change someone in the most unexpected ways.

     Tilly is a little girl who is feeling lonely and left out, when her family moves to a new house away from her old friends.  Also, Tilly's Mother isn't feeling well and is on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy with Tilly's soon-to-be baby brother or sister.  Dad is always distracted and taking care of something else and Tilly is too shy at first to become friends with anyone at school.  So she amuses herself playing in the hidden garden behind her new house, making friends with the fox who leads her there.  Can Tilly learn to appreciate what she has and how to make the best of it with the help of a very special fox?  This was not my usual read, especially upon discovering that Tilly is under the age of 10.  I usually read upper middle grade and YA and wasn't expecting much from this to touch me personally.  It was darker than I expected, for a book aimed at children that young.  The illustrations were gorgeous and I loved that they were black and white.  They sort of reminded me of the ones from my childhood, in books like Sarah, Plain and Tall and The Wizard of Oz.  Being of the age that I am, I just couldn't connect with Tilly and as I never shared her apparent obsession with foxes, the magic of that eluded me as well.  Probably a fun book for second and third graders, and maybe children's librarians who still posesss the magic.  As for me, my magic doesn't reach back far enough anymore to be included in the target audience for this one.  A sweet, if dark book but not the one for me.
VERDICT:  2.75/5  Stars
*I received an Advanced Reading E-book Copy from the publisher, via NetGalley. No money or favors were exchanged for this review. This book was published October 2nd, 2012.*

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