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The Frog Princess (First Love from Silhouette #104)

Published:  June 1st, 1982
The Frog Princess (First Love from Silhouette #104)
By: Cheryl Zach
Pocket Books
ISBN-13:  9780373524815


Life was a bad joke...a nightmare.  Shy, klutzy Kelly, a new girl, had just been nominated for class president.  Most of her classmates were quite sure she couldn't handle the job.  And Kelly had problems at home: an unhappy mother struggling to support them both now that her father had deserted them.

But -- Bam!  Wow!  Zowie!  Once Kelly got moving, nothing, but nothing, could stop her.  She didn't need a little bit of luck.  She didn't need a fairy godmother.  Shy, klutzy Kelly transformed herself into a princess -- and everyone knows that's when you find a prince!


     I picked this book up at a used book sale, inside a mall a couple towns over.  And yes, that synopsis is actually from the back of the book (I'm sure the cheesiness quotient is why it isn't on Goodreads or Amazon)!  I have an addiction to 70s and 80s teen books.  Most of them are absolutely horrible - but they are dirt cheap, usually under 200 pages and hilarious to read!  This one was no exception, but it did leave me cringing in complete horror at certain things.  Just so cliched and overly innocent, gee whiz type speaking.  I could definitely tell that Cheryl Zach was NOT a younger woman writing about teenage years she'd just left behind.  The way these kids talked was decidedly late 1950s/early 1960s.  
     Poor Kelly is slightly overweight, awkward and extremely clumsy.  It doesn't help her popularity any when she and her Mom move to a new town after her Dad leaves them.  They are poor, struggling to make ends meet and Kelly feels like one big disappointment to her unhappy mother.  Then someone elects her to be class President as a joke, which terrifies her.  Kelly has zero self-confidence and thinks she's doing a terrible job, but doesn't stop the other kids from pushing her around.  Then the principal tries to stop them from having a dance and its up to Kelly as class President to find a way to raise the money to get her class what they want.  But can they convince the Principal they are responsible enough for it?  And does she really like Bill or is Alan the guy for her?  All I have to say is that if you can handle the cheese factor (and possibly revel in it like I do) go ahead and find yourself a copy!  I could read it all the way through, it wasn't so bad that I had to quit.  And there is endless mocking material between these covers!  A fun time.  After all -- Bam!  Wow!  Zowie!  It was the 80s and we all know that was an awesome time! :D

VERDICT:  2.5/5  Stars

**No money or favors were exchanged for this review.  This book is now available in stores, online, or maybe even at your local library.**

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