Friday, January 30, 2015

Feature and Follow #36 - Or the One Where We Talk Paper or Ebooks!

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Q:  Hard print (real thing) or Kindle/Nook, which is your favorite?

A:  To be honest, it's more of a 50/50 situation nowadays.  I love the fact that I have so many choices when I'm carrying my Kindle around, and I have noticed that reading is easier on my Fire than it was with my Touch.  But I do always have at least one print book in my purse at all times, and I do seem to read faster with an actual book most of the time.  What about everyone else?  What do you all prefer?  Share with me in the comments! :D

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  1. Yeah I'm a real book preference type! Though I read both and appreciate getting my fave indie author's books at such a reasonable price! There's just a joy in having a real book in my hands and being able to tell how many pages and such I have left!

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    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. It's sort of the same thing with me too, I just love them both and I feel like they both serve a wonderful purpose in my life and it's hard just to pick one over the other.

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    Happy Reading and Hopping Through! :)
    Suz @ A Soul Unsung

  3. I love reading on my Kindle Fire! (: I carry it in my purse at all times even if I think I won't get to read on it. Lol!

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  4. I do prefer paper books, and I also feel like I read faster with a paper copy. Still, I love having a kindle so I can get some books for way cheap and also so I don't have to fill my suitcase with books for when I go traveling ;)

    Also, I love how you have comic books on your blog as well! I've rarely seen that. So you definitely earned a new follower on bloglovin' in me :)

  5. I more like 75/25. I prefer actual books more! I like HOLDING SOMETHING PHYSICAL. It comforts me....

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    ~Fari 0:) @ My Little Corner for Books


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