Monday, March 5, 2012

In My Mailbox # 14

   In My Mailbox is a weekly meme that I picked up from The Story Siren's blog. If you don't know what this is, it is a way for us bloggers to show our followers what books we've received this week in the mail, bought somewhere or gotten from the library or elsewhere! :)
   I have been getting SO MANY new e-books in the past couple weeks, that I felt the need to do one of these posts just to share with all my wonderful followers what they have to look forward to! :)  Also, I feel like I haven't been as present online lately because of how much I've been working and all my transportation issues.  Just want y'all to know that I still love this blog.  I am not going anywhere!!!  Without further adieu, here are the books:

Books I Bought and Got Free From Amazon

Parallelogram by Robin Brande (Goodreads / Amazon )
Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park (Goodreads / Amazon)
Pride's Run by Cat Kalen (Goodreads / Amazon)
Somber Island by Lynn T. Tolles (Goodreads / Amazon)
Reckless Magic by Rachel Higginson (Goodreads / Amazon)
Stuck With You by Trish Jensen (Goodreads / Amazon )
Build A Man by Talli Roland (Goodreads / Amazon )
Amazon Lily by Theresa Weir (Goodreads / Amazon)
Splendid Summer by Mary Matthews (Goodreads / Amazon )
The Typewriter Girl by J.L. Jarvis (Goodreads / Amazon)
A Witch's Curse by Nicole Lee (Goodreads / Amazon)
Asphodel by Lauren Hammond (Goodreads / Amazon)
Grounding Quinn by Stephanie Campbell (Goodreads / Amazon)
Remembrance by Michelle Madow (Goodreads / Amazon )
Vengeance by Michelle Madow (Goodreads / Amazon)
Camille by Tess Oliver (Goodreads / Amazon )
The Deepest Cut by J.A. Templeton (Goodreads / Amazon)
Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn (Goodreads / Amazon)
Pride and Popularity by Jenni James (Goodreads / Amazon )
Katie's Hellion by Lizzy Ford (Goodreads / Amazon )
Katrina, The Beginning by Elizabeth Loraine (Goodreads / Amazon )
Beloved by Patty Sarro (Goodreads / Amazon )
The Goddess Hunt by Aimee Carter (Goodreads / Amazon)
Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly (Goodreads / Amazon)
Between the Lines by Tammara Webber (Goodreads / Amazon)
Where Are You? by Tammara Webber (Goodreads / Amazon )
Wilfair by Alysia Gray Painter (Goodreads / Amazon )

Books I Got From NetGalley

American Rose by Karen Abbott (Goodreads / Amazon )
Paris in Love by Eloisa James (Goodreads / Amazon )
Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim (Goodreads / Amazon )
The Academie by Susanne Dunlap (Goodreads / Amazon )
The Moonstone Series by Marilee Brothers (Goodreads / Amazon)
Burn Mark by Laura Powell (Goodreads / Amazon )
Interrupted by Rachel Coker (Goodreads / Amazon)
The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost  (Goodreads / Amazon )
Something Like Normal by Trish Doller (Goodreads / Amazon )
Romeo Redeemed by Stacey Jay (Goodreads / Amazon)
Fitz by Mike Cochrane (Amazon)
Hanging By a Thread by Sophie Littlefield (Goodreads / Amazon )
The Stone Girl by Alyssa B. Sheinmel (Goodreads / Amazon)

Books I Won In Contests (LibraryThing, etc.)

Fated by Alison Noel (Goodreads / Amazon )

Books I Bought

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen (Goodreads / Amazon )

Books I Got From the Library

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver (Goodreads / Amazon )
Article 5 by Kristen Simmons (Goodreads / Amazon )
Double by Jenny Valentine (Goodreads / Amazon )
Dead to You by Lisa McMann (Goodreads / Amazon )
The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe (Goodreads / Amazon )
The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour (Goodreads / Amazon )
BZRK by Michael Grant (Goodreads / Amazon )
Twisted by Sara Shepard (Goodreads / Amazon )

That's all for this weeks edition of In My Mailbox fellow book minions! Quite a haul and I definitely will be busy for a long time. I have upcoming reviews for Katana, Poughkeepsie, Sisterhood Everlasting, Under the Never Sky, There Is No Dog and Dragon's Keep.  I am VERY caught up on my reading and very behind in my reviews, so it'll be awhile before I run out of backlogged material.  Have a great week and happy reading y'all! :)

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