Monday, September 2, 2013

HALLOWEEN PLANNING!!! In other words, the entire month of October needs to start being mapped out.....

     Confession time!  It's September 1st and I'm already thinking about that day two months from  now, filled with costumes, pumpkins, cider and chilly moonlight.  In case you can't guess from the picture above, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday (not a particular fan of Christmas, although I do have a fondness for Peter Cottontail and Irontail bunny!) of the year!  I want to do something special for it this year as I haven't managed to since I started my blog about two years ago (this will probably include as giveaway as well, since I skipped over my blogoversary again due to car/money troubles). 
     I think some of the best things about Halloween are the more simple ones, including getting a good creepy thrill.  I don't mean watching slasher 'horror' films or pranking people.  I happen to be referring to the creepy thrills you get from a good, scarily written book.  I also enjoy the crafts and recipes that come along with Halloween.  There are some really cute activities for kids AND adults in regards to this extremely fun holiday.  What I want more than anything is to have a month filled with fun posts leading up to a scarily good giveaway! :)  Something special to celebrate my followers and new things to tickle our fanciful whims. 
     So here is what I need from you guys.  I am going to set up a poll for which book you would prefer to have multiple weekly read-along posts for.  The list will be books I am really wanting to read (maybe a couple I already have) that I think will be fun to read along with.  I also would ADORE suggestions from you all!  If there are crafts, recipes, books or movies that you would like for me to read/review/attempt for your amusement please let me know.  As it is, I will probably actually be using my Pintrest account this month, which I normally rarely go on there.  Keep in mind that I prefer creepy, spine-chilling horror over a gorefest when you're chiming in.  In the meantime, take the time to vote for the read-along and I will be cooking up a good witch's brew of a month for y'all!  Get prepared to have fun and participate as much as you want to - I welcome it with all my black little heart! 
***** A quick sidenote, if you would like to donate any creepy prizes for the giveaway (which is basically a blogoversary, holiday and birthday giveaway in one) just contact me through e-mail at:  I would love to work with you and have you share the holiday joy with me! :)  I leave you all with this:


  1. You referenced Hocus Pocus!!!!

    Sorry fangirl moment.

    I love All Hallow`s Eve. This month for no reason at all I just decided to try a rafflecopter giveaway (my first one). It seems to work for other blogs.

    My goal is to read at least 2 scary stories during October. (Frankenstein-4th reread) Do you have any YA suggestions for scary?


    1. Thanks for commenting! And rafflecopter is definitely one of the easiest, more hassle-free ways to run a giveaway. "The Devouring" by Simon Holt is really creepy YA! Part of a short, three book series and one of the more terrifying ones I've read recently. I've also heard that "The Monstrumologist" and "Rotters" are both good. Yeah, I can never pass up a good Hocus Pocus reference! :D

  2. I love Halloween as well! A read-along sounds like a lot of fun. I'm in :). Any of those choices would be good.
    Seconding the Monstrumologist rec btw.

  3. interesting post! i love halloween :)


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