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"Once Upon A Time" Episode 3 - Snow Falls

   So, I'm running a slight bit late posting this recap.  But I didn't want to post it right on top of the one for the second episode.  In this episode, like the last one, some serious stuff happens.  I think the best parts of this episode are in FT world though, because while watching the story of how Snow and the Prince first meet we find out what a naughty, smart-ass she really is!  Plus, the episode starts off in FT world this week!  So, without further adieu here is the recap.


This really swanky, Pimp-My-Ride carriage is rolling through the forest when the show starts.  Hmmmm.....wonder who THAT belongs to.  The Prince!  Why am I not surprised?  The Prince is in there with a snotty looking blonde he calls 'my dear.'  My guess is this was pre-Snow White.  A tree is blocking the forest road, so he puts down a pouch that is probably really important and gets out to investigate.  Turns out it was cut down on purpose!  Just as he figures this out a hooded thief grabs the pouch from the carriage and makes a ride for it on their horse.  Prince Butthead manages to knock the thief off the horse and is about to punch 'em when he sees it's a woman!  GASP!  IT'S SNOW WHITE!!!  First meeting of epic proportions!  He hesitates (big DON'T) and she knocks him upside the head with a rock, riding away with his valuables.  The Prince threatens that he will always find her.  Snow's smile is made of awesomeness. 

Are we SURE Emma isn't really her daughter?

Back in Storybrooke MM/Snow is having WAY less luck on the romance front.  She's on a date with a cute doctor who obviously is a creep and spends the entire time ogling the diner waitress (Ruby/Red).  MM is on her way home when she finds Emma in her parked car.  Since she decided to stay, MM/Snow offers her the spare room in her apartment, but Emma declines saying she's a loner.  The next day MM/Snow has her class volunteering at the hospital, where Henry comes across the John Doe coma patient from episodes-past, who looks like Prince Charming.  He badgers MM/Snow about whether she knows him but she doesn't, except for bringing him the occasional flower boquet and ushers him from the room. 

So, is it just me or is it totally against NATURE that he is a Grandpa???

   Of course Boy Genius recognizes the so-called resemblance and tells Emma that her Father is the hospital's John Doe.  Henry wants to tell MM/Snow so she'll read their story to him and wake him up.  Emma actually agrees to do it, but says they're doing it the way she wants to.  MM/Snow isn't so sure about the whole plan, but Emma tells her it's only to prove Henry wrong about his obsession with Fairy Tales being real.  MM/Snow agrees to read to JD cause she wants to let Henry down gently.  MM/Snow is in the room readint the story to JD.  His hand reaches up and grabs onto hers!!!  She runs to get her sleazeball Doctor date from the previous night but he denies that there was any sort of change.  He gives her the third degree about what she was doing and then tries to tell her she imagined/dreamed the entire thing.  Of course he calls EM first thing after she leaves for home!  He reports that a volunteer said JD grabbed her, plus there WAS fluctuation in brain activity.  He really is a sleazeball y'all.  This gives her a frowny face cause it probably interferes with her revenge plan.  MM/Snow is curling up to read the story at home, which takes us into FT world once more.  Snow White is about ready to hit the road from her tree home once and for all, when she springs a trap set by The Prince!  He comes over and says basically 'I told you so.'  She sarcastically calls him Prince Charming and refuses to learn his real name.  In other words, she is AWESOME.

Her daughter definitely needs to take notes on the correct way to convey emotion by facial expressions!!!
   Turns out the wedding ring of Prince C's Mother was in the pouch and he wants it back.  Snow gives him the runaround until he threatens to turn her into the Queen, flashing a nice close-up of her Wanted poster for the audience.  She reluctantly agrees for her own best interest.  MM/Snow tells Emma and Henry about what happened in the hospital, which has apparently turned her into a bit of a believer.  They rush to the hospital where Sheriff Graham is investigating the disappearance of none other than John Doe!  EM is there and gets after Henry for lying about where he was.  Doctor Sleaze says that JD has to be found cause could be in danger - so of course EM (Regina) orders Graham to find him.  G and Emma are looking at security tapes,  which show John Doe leaving out the side door into the woods.  Meanwhile, Snow White is taking PC through the forest.  He takes away her shiny necklace which is apparently evil fairy dust that will shrink enemies so you can squash them.  Snow refutes the charges against her from the Queen, but does admit to 'ruining her life.'  Apparently Snow was stealing from the Queen so she could escape to somewhere safe.  She wants to stop for a drink, which enables her to make a break for it.  Snow hits him over the head into the water and runs, only to be stopped by EQ's guards ready to cut out her heart!!!

He looks like a demented, life-size Christmas Tree Ornament!
   MM/Snow, Emma and Hot Sherrif are tracking the missing patient through the forest and having some petty bickering.  Than Henry shows up and claims to know where JD is: looking for MM/Snow.  Back in FT world Creepy Ornament Guy and his brethren are killed by the Prince who saves the day AND the damsel.  She is shocked he came back, but apparently it was the noble thing to do.  *Swooning*  He reminds her about the ring and Snow admits she sold it to Trolls nearby.  They head off in that direction.....the direction of DANGER.   Henry, Emma, MM/Snow and the Sheriff are still looking for JD in the woods.  Henry says he's looking for MM/Snow cause she woke him up and he loves her.  Graham finds JD's BLOODY WRISTBAND.  OMG.  Snow White and the Prince find the Trolls they were looking for, who look very much like I've always imagined Trolls would.  They are suspicious and attack when they figure out he's royal and she has a bounty on her head.  Snow escapes but they almost get the Prince.  She goes back and uses the evil fairy dust to save him.  Dead Momma's ring is saved.  Cause it was the noble thing to do.  Awwwwww!  Charming says his name is James, she says it's nice to meet him.  MM/Snow FINALLY finds JD on the bank of the stream and gives him some serious CPR, begging him to come back.  His first coherent words are "You saved me.  Thank you."  Turns out he doesn't know who he is either.  While getting checked out in the hospital, the snotty blonde from FT world shows up calling JD 'David.'  EM tells a dejected MM/Snow that it's his wife!!!

What's wrong with this picture?  I'll give you a hint: it's surrounded by blonde hair and in the middle...

Snow and James are saying goodbye and both of them are dragging it out, talking about the ring.  Snow even tries it on and they have a moment when it fits perfectly.  Finally, he says goodbye.  She answers, calling him Charming again.  He tries to correct her, but she says she likes the nicknames better and turns to leave.  He stares at her then goes.  She turns back, stares at him and then Snow rides off.  Evil Mayor tells the unbelieveing spectators that JD is David Nolan.  His "wife" tells them that years ago when they were arguing, she told David he could just leave.  Emma is sceptical but wifey says that she assumed he left town.  Doc Sleaze says its a miracle JD is awake and there's no explanation.  Henry consoles MM/Snow, saying that JD was headed to the Troll Bridge to find her.  She tries to shrug it off, but Henry insists that they're meant to be together.  Emma confronts EM over the fishy timing of finding the "wife" after being JD's only medical contact for years.  EM gives some B.S. story about JD saying "Kathryn" in his sleep on the security tapes.  EM rubs it in Emma's face some more that she has Henry and Emma doesn't.  Kathryn is octopusing all over JD while he stares longingly at MM/Snow. 

It really is a pretty classy piece of jewelry.

The lady in question is twirling Prince Charming's ring on her finger from FT world!!! Later on Emma takes up MM/Snow on her offer of a room.  They share a smile and bond with their eyes.  Thus is the end of our tale for this episode.  Next week it seems, is about Cinderella making a deal for her firstborn with Rumpy so she can be rich.  And it seems like he may be collecting in Storybrooke world!!!  Until the upcoming fourth episode, welcome to Storybrooke, land of weird y'all!


  1. So I'm not the only one who can't stand Emma's lack of facial expression. Nice, well at least that was my impression when reading this post. Love this show, you watch the Cinderella ep, yet? It was great.

  2. Yeah, Emma's lack of facial expression provokes my scorn but my love for Snow's snarkiness overrules it! :) I have seen the Cinderella episode and my recap will up by thursday at the latest. I also love this show! :)


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