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"Once Upon A Time" Episode 4 - The Price of Gold

   So, this episode definitely had A LOT of interesting stuff happen!  Yet another fairy tale origin story, this time Cinderella's.  It was really well done in my opinion and there were a couple of large revelations near the end of the episode.  I also adored the interactions between Emma and Henry - they were pretty awesome.  Also, would you believe I'm not running too far behind this week?  I know, a total miraculous occurrence, but it's because their isn't a new episode until the 27th of November! Without further adieu, the recap. 


This weepy looking young girl is sweeping a yard while three women pile into a fancy carriage in front of her to go somewhere she is OBVIOUSLY not invited to.  If this isn't enough of a confirmation of her identity (btw we're in FT World right now), a fairy godmother pops out of thin air and calls her Cinderella.  Oh yeah bitches, it's ON.  FG tells Cindy she's gonna send her to the Ball and change her life for the better.  Then she starts twirling her shiny magic wand around and rhapsodizing about it's awesomeness.  This happens to be cut short when she disappears in a poof of smoke and Rumpy shows up to take the wand!!!  Apparently it was what he wanted.  He basically tells Cinderella that all magic comes with a price and her FG was not there out of the goodness of her heart.  He also says she should just go back to living her life.  But Cindy is desperate by this point due to the craptasticness that is her life and she begs him to help her.  Rumpy warns her that she'll have to give up something 'precious' later.  Of course being the blonde she it, Cindy signs when he hasn't even specified what he wants.  Rumpy transforms her for the Ball into the princess she'll become. 

Really all she needs is a bath, some bleach for her dress and some grit to stand up to the bitches!

In Storybrooke, Henry and Emma are walking to his bustop discussing codenames.  She says he should just call her Emma.  Sheriff Graham shows up and offers Emma a job as his deputy because of how 'impressed' he was with her work finding John Doe.  She waffles around giving an answer, then takes his card and says she'll think about it.  A little later on Emma is at Granny's Diner when EM (Regina) shows up and basically tells her she is threatened by her relationship with Henry anymore.  EM tells her that she knows Emma will just cut and run like usual, all the while having a very smug look on her face.  Emma ends up in the laundry room after spilling hot chocolated on herself and runs into Ashley, who is obviously Storybrooke's Cinderella and is crying.  She is upset because no one thinks she can take care of her baby once it's born.  That's right folks, Cindy is pregnant!  Emma tells her to fight for herself because there aren't any fairy godmothers in this world.  Ain't that the truth!  Mr. Gold is locking up his pawnshop for the night.  Ashley breaks in, looking for something.  Goldy catches her and she pepper sprays him.  He gets knocked out on his way down, so Ashley cuts and runs after taking something from his pocket.  EM is at home the next morning getting ready for a Saturday city council meeting.  She tells Henry he's not allowed to leave the house.  Right after she leaves, he leaves too.  Good for you kid!

Bish please, as if he listens to you still!  Plus, who goes to a city council meeting dressed like THAT?

Mary Margaret makes breakfast for Emma and herself while Emma goes through some of her things.  Goldy shows up asking for Emma's help finding Ashley, stating that she took something valuable from him.  He doesn't want to go to the police and 'ruin' he life.  He gives Emma a major run-around when she asks what Ashley took.  She reluctantly agrees to help, but only for Ashley.  Henry shows up and wants to tag along and hang with Emma cause his Mom is gone all day.  In FT world, Cindy is marrying Prince Thomas with Snow and Charming in attendance!  Snow and Cindy dance together, with Snow telling her what an inspiration she is.  Rumpy shows up and drops a bomb - he wants Cindy's firstborn child to fill his end of the bargain!!!  Presumably in the future Cindy is packing when Thomas happens upon her.  Turns out she was going to leave because she's pregnant.  She tells him about the deal she made with Rumpy, but he tells her their love is real.  He assures he'll they'll get out of it somehow.  Emma and Henry go to ask Ruby questions about Ashley.  She directs them to Ashley's ex-boyfriend/baby-daddy Sean's house where he lives with his Father.

I'm sorry to say that for me, they have nothin' on Snow and Charming.  NOTHIN'.

Sean in Storybrooke is, of course, Thomas from FT world.  He obviously wants to help her find Ashley, but King Daddy won't let him.  It turns out that he thinks Ashley is a bad influence that will drag his son down.  Ummm, might be a little harder to drag him down if he had enough brainpower to use a glove when he loves!!!   King Daddy informs Emma that they made a deal with Mr. Gold for money, in exchange for the baby.  He thought that was why she was finding Ashley for Mr. Gold.  Emma goes back to see Ruby again while Henry purports doom and gloom for breaking a deal with Mr. Gold.  Ruby refuses to talk with Henry around so he leaves the diner, supposedley to go home.  Ruby admits to Emma that Ashley took her car and is running away to Boston so she can disappear with the baby.  Emma leaves to catch up with her and it turns out Henry stowed away in the backseat!  In FT world Charming, Thomas and Grumpy show Cindy the prison they have set up for when they catch Rumpy.   All Cindy has to do is get him to sign a new deal that will freeze him and his magic.  She worries about the price but Thomas says he'll pay it and she agrees.  Emma and Henry find Ashley crashed on the side of the road, ready to give birth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the Queen of Botox!!!

They rush a protesting Ashley back towards the hospital in Storybrooke.  Ashley desperately wants to keep the baby from Goldy and Emma grills her about whether or not she's ready to be a Mother.  She tells Ashely that once she keeps the baby she's with it forever.  Cindy in FT world asks Rumpy for a meeting.  Cindy pretends she found out she's having twins and wants to trade the other one to make the kingdom's land fertile again.  Rumpy is suspicious but in the end his greed wins out.  He signs the contract with the quill and is trapped.  While the Prince is carting him to his prison, Rumpy threatens that he'll have Cindy's baby no matter where she goes to hide.  Emma and Henry are in the hospital waiting room when he tells her once more that she's the only one who can leave town.  Then, the doctor tells them that Ashley and the baby are okay.  Goldy shows up and thanks Emma for returning the merch - cause you know of course that humans are merchandise.  Creeptastic y'all, even for him.  In FT world, Rumpy's in the cart while Cindy and Thomas discuss the baby's name - Alexandra.  He goes to get her water from the well cause she's having pains, but he disappears without a trace.  Rumpy gloats that all magic has a price and says once again that the baby is his. 

All he wants for Christmas is some new front teeth - seriously what is FT world's dentist THINKING?

Emma tells Goldy he's not getting the baby and of course he threatens to sick the police on Ashley.  Cause peeps, it's all about the merch.  Goldy offers to make a deal with Emma and says if she agrees he'll let Ashley have the baby.  Of course he decided to ask for yet another unnamed favor.  Emma stupidly agrees of course.  Like we don't know that's totally gonna come back to bite her in the ass later on!  Emma and Henry visit Ashley and baby Alexandra.  Emma tells Ashley she gets to keep the baby and of course she becomes a human faucet like usual.  Henry and Emma rush to get him home, because they're running low on time.  This apparently has been just one busy day for them y'all.  EM (Regina) is getting dressed after some obvious sexin' at the B&B.  Told ya, city council meeting my ass!  We don't see who she was with, but we find out he left his socks under the bed.  While they drive Henry home, Emma says she wants her code name to be Pumpkin.  Henry says she's not ready for the code name he wants to give her.  Emma tells him that although she can leave she'll see him tomorrow.  Henry makes it into his bedroom right as EM walks in the door.  Ashley gets a surprise visit from Sean and simply says, 'You're back.'  Emma calls Graham and accepts the Deputy gig, while it shows him hanging up and reaching for his socks under the bed!!!  That's right folks, Regina is tapping THAT after all!!!

Ahhh, sigh.  Shirtless Sheriff of my dreams.  But he's with the Evil Witch!  Seriously ABC writers?

That is all for Episode # 4, but this Sunday we get another piece of the puzzle.  It looks as though it mostly revolves around Henry's crazy mischief.  But I hope some of it will be set in FT world like usual.  Those parts are too amusing to be missing!  And on that note, Happy Thanksgiving and I'll see you later.  Welcome to Storybrooke, land of weird y'all!

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