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Floating In The Air

Published: November 1st, 2011
Last Breath
By: Rachel Caine
NAL Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780451234872

The brand-new novel in the “intriguing world” (Darque Reviews) of Rachel Caine’s New York Times bestselling Morganville Vampires series!

With her boss preoccupied researching the Founder Houses in Morganville, student Claire Danvers is left to her own devices when she learns that three vampires have vanished without a trace. She soon discovers that the last person seen with one of the missing vampires is someone new to town—a mysterious individual named Magnus. After an uneasy encounter with Morganville’s latest resident, Claire is certain Magnus isn’t merely human. But is he a vampire—or something else entirely?


   When we left off at the end of Bite Club, Eve and Michael were engaged, Frank Collins was the machine running Morganville and tensions were at the highest peak yet between the human and vampire residents of the town.  Now, Eve and the others are feeling the backlash from the prejudice of the town's residents, who REALLY don't want the marriage to take place.  But that isn't the only thing going on in Morganville - something is very wrong on the vampire side of things.  With vampires going missing and a mysterious message delivered to Amelie that just says one thing, "RUN."  This is enough to make her pack up the entire town and try to leave, but not before killing Claire and Shane because they know about the note.  The attempt fails and it just makes them even more curious.  Plus, a shadowy figure that no one else can see keeps showing up in Claire's line of vision.  He'll do anything to not have his position compromised, including killing Claire...can she find her way back to her friends when it seems like all is lost?  Can Eve, Shane, Claire and Michael save the town and everyone in it from a new brand of evil, unlike anything they've faced before?  Or will there be one last breath taken...  So, I absolutely adored this book!!!  I wasn't crazy about Bite Club because the overall plot didn't appeal to me greatly, but the double point of view thing annoyed me the most.  I disliked the multiple points of view even more than I thought possible in this book than the last one.  But it's a testament to the plot, characters and writing that I was able to devour this book and love it as much as I did!  The last couple of books fumbled a bit, but this one turned it around for me personally.  I can't wait to see what happens next and I would definitely recommend this entire series to newcomers, this book specifically to old fans of the series.

VERDICT:  4.5/5  Stars

*No money or favors were exchanged for this review. This book is now available in stores and online.*

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