Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Listen Closely Wednesdays # 5

   Hi everyone! As my followers have by now learned, I am passionate about Young Adult books. But I also love many other forms of expression, including music. I truly believe in the quote that is pictured above and as such have decided to create a weekly meme that is dedicated to sharing music that I believe in, music that has touched me, made me laugh/cry or just plain feel something more. Every week, Listen Closely Wednesdays will talk about five songs that have been important to me that week, why they made the list and I will post all pertinent info about the song itself as well. If you wish to do this on your own blog, please credit me. It is something that I would love to share but I do want to be recognized as this having been my own, original idea. On that note, feel free to comment about the things I share with you or about the music that's on your mind at the time. I'd love to hear all about it! Without further adieu, let's kick off this week's Listen Closely Wednesday!

Five Songs That Have Helped Me Feel Good About Myself and My Life

1.  'Tonight' sung by: Seether
- This song is available on their album "Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray" which was released in 2011.  It should be fairly easy to find! :)

- Reason Behind It:  I LOVE the lyrics of the first verse of this song.  They remind me that I have it a lot better than I think sometimes, when I'm feeling down.  It reminds me to smile and be grateful for the general ease of my life.  My favorite verse:

"I'm not gonna waste this
This opportunity's mine
I'm sick of complaining
About a beautiful life."

Who else is so totally sick of complaining about a beautiful life?  Because it IS beautiful you guys, more than we ever realize.

2.  'Pop! Goes My Heart' sung by: Hugh Grant
- This song is available on the soundtrack to the film "Music and Lyrics."  It's a few years old and easy to find in America at least.  Don't know how the movie did in other countries! :)

- Reason Behind It:  This song makes you sing along, mimicking the ridiculous dance moves from the movie.  The whole idea is for it to mirror an 80s Pop song - the music video is TOTALLY HILARIOUS.  Not even kidding.  The movie is cute but this song is def my favorite part of it! :)

3.  'Manic Monday' sung by: Relient K
- This song is a remake of a Bangles song from the 80s.  It is on an album on American iTunes called "Punk Goes 80s" and I don't think it's particularly widespread.

- Reason Behind It:  I love the original, but this one a has a certain crazed energy to it that makes you want to run around the room, dancing like a crazy person.  Plus, remakes are seldom that great.  This happens to be an exception.  It's worth checking out! :)

4.  'Determinate' sung by: Lemonade Mouth
- This song is a product of a fictional band from a Disney Channel original movie, based on a truly AWESOME YA book of the same name.  It is available on the soundtrack.  Very easy to find! :)

- Reason Behind It:  I love the fact that Disney did not totally wreck the heart of the book.  And the music is so very catchy and danceable it isn't funny.  These kids can actually sing, which is a rarity for Disney Channel stars.  That justifies my love for this song, if nothing else does.

5.  'Wonderman' sung by: Tinie Tempah ft. Ellie Goulding
- This song is available as a single on iTunes and on the album "Disc-Overy" released in 2011.  This is recent and he is a pretty big rapper in Britain I believe, so it shouldn't be hard to find! :)

- Reason Behind It:  I love this song because of the awesome lyrics that are relevant to my world and the great beat/back-up singing by Ellie Goulding (who I am obsessed with)!  It just makes me feel good! :)

   That's all for this weeks edition of Listen Closely Wednesdays. I'm honored if you decided to read this post and I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy listening my friends! :)

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