Monday, December 5, 2011

In My Mailbox # 5

   In My Mailbox is a weekly meme that I picked up from The Story Siren's blog. If you don't know what this is, it is a way for us bloggers to show our followers what books we've received this week in the mail, bought somewhere or gotten from the library or elsewhere! :)

   I have a few print books that are added to my ever-growing library stack, but most of them from this week were from NetGalley, LibraryThing and one was even from the author herself in e-book form!  Only one of the giveaways I won was a print copy.  There are some very interesting things on this list and you guys should definitely take a look at the links.  So without further adieu, here is what awaits you all! 

Rippler by Cidney Swanson (Goodreads / Amazon)
The Enchanted Book by Kevin O'Ralph (Goodreads)
Sasha (A Trial of Blood and Steel, Book 1) by Joel Shepherd (Goodreads / Amazon)
If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince? by Melissa Kantor (Goodreads / Amazon)
Persuasion: A Latter-Day Tale by Rebecca H. Jamison (Goodreads / Amazon)
The Green Man by Michael Bedard (Goodreads / Amazon)
The Legacy of Eden by Nelle Davy (Goodreads / Amazon)
Two Moon Princess by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban (Goodreads / Amazon)
Afterlight by Elle Jasper (Goodreads / Amazon)
Daughters of the Sea # 1: Hannah by Kathryn Lasky (Goodreads / Amazon)
Daughters of the Sea # 2: May by Kathryn Lasky (Goodreads / Amazon)
Tris and Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison (Goodreads / Amazon)
Dark Eyes by William Harlan Richter (Goodreads / Amazon)

That is all this week!  I have upcoming reviews for Past Perfect and Lies, Knives and Girls in Red Dresses and Tris and Izzie.  I have also decided to quit recapping "Once Upon a Time" because the last two episodes have been pretty boring except for the parts in Fairy Tale World.  Which is almost enough to make me stop watching altogether.  But I'm going to give it two more episodes before I decide whether or not to quit.  Plus, I am not a masochist and therefore will not torture myself by reliving something that practically put me to sleep.  Happy reading and I'll catch you later! :)

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